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Check out this trailer for "Waa’Gey: Mysteries of the Wayfinding Voyagers" traditional sailing from Lamotrek to Guam

Adventure Journal wrote up a great piece on the shift in perception of the "outdoors". Far-flung destinations, expensive gear, and extreme sports have made the natural world look inaccessible to so many people when it's actually right outside your door.

Rob Casey wrote up some great tips for a fun downwind session. Anyone going out in the winter should read over these. "Stoke Magazine: 10 Tips for Safer Downwinding"

The Gates' annual letter says "energy" and "time" are the problem. The answer is clearly drum & bass:

Lean Forward, Lean Back, or Both? Envisioning the Future of Autonomous Driving - Artefact

Aperture Gallery and Bookstore is hosting their Holiday Book Bazaar this weekend in NYC!