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Outdoor entrepreneur, owner of Northwest Wind & Surf. Full-stack web developer for 15 years and IndieWeb contributor.

Posting to the Fediverse from my IndieWeb site

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Hopefully this gets picked up and Webmentioned to's cool Mastodon POSSE!



Trying to swim upstream to the Fediverse!

It's tragic that we're damaging our national heritage and hundreds of peoples' livelihoods because of a petty dispute in our nation's capital. If you must use the parks now please be extremely careful and try to keep things neat and tidy for all of us to share.

Google will not be renewing its DoD contract! 3,000 workers signed internal memo. See: "Tech should not be in the business of war"

This is my favorite new years resolution: Bring back your browser bar

Seward Solstive Trail Run (NWTR #3)

Seward Solstive Trail Run (NWTR #3)

Fun, challenging 4.2 mile course.Β  Really enjoying the trail running format and the well-run events fromΒ Northwest Trail Runs.

Came out too fast and had trouble on the last couple climbs, but overall it was a lot of fun.