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Trying to swim upstream to the Fediverse!

Google will not be renewing its DoD contract! 3,000 workers signed internal memo. See: "Tech should not be in the business of war"

I support workers' rights in the gig economy! Working Washington is helping to secure rights for the huge and growing sector of workers. Add your signature and fill out their survey here:

Finally a crowd-sourced incubator | Incubator Co-op

Homebrew Website Club Seattle Wrap-up

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Homebrew Website Club Seattle 2017/04/19

A small, but successful Homebrew Website Club for Seattle.  I worked on some copy for the Northwest Wind & Surf site and Jovie worked on her performer website:

I also wrote up some ideas for a worker-owned technology co-operative to pitch some friends in Seattle.  I think there's an opportunity here in Seattle to support social good and community with great web developers.  I'd like to get connected to more people in the co-op community.  We could also work on building platform co-ops to benefit workers and the community instead of hoarding it in Silicon Valley.

Hope to see more people at the next HWC in two weeks!

Wind looks good for the Turkey Bowl starting tomorrow. I'll see you out there on my Laser (sail #152163)! Bruce’s Brief: Weekend Weather Nov 19-20 Including CYC Turkey Bowl

Check out this trailer for "Waa’Gey: Mysteries of the Wayfinding Voyagers" traditional sailing from Lamotrek to Guam

Rob Casey wrote up some great tips for a fun downwind session. Anyone going out in the winter should read over these. "Stoke Magazine: 10 Tips for Safer Downwinding"

The Gates' annual letter says "energy" and "time" are the problem. The answer is clearly drum & bass:

Lean Forward, Lean Back, or Both? Envisioning the Future of Autonomous Driving - Artefact

Aperture Gallery and Bookstore is hosting their Holiday Book Bazaar this weekend in NYC!

Just wrapped up a demo site for the - bringing back the