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Outdoor entrepreneur, owner of Northwest Wind & Surf. Full-stack web developer for 15 years and IndieWeb contributor.

Reposted Eddie Hinkle's post on

Launched a new podcast this week! You can find the first episode on the site or by following @MyURLIs. Each episode is <30 minutes and features a different person on the IndieWeb. This week was @aaronpk and I've got more really interesting guests on the way!

Reposted AndrΓ© Staltz - A plan to rescue the Web from the Internet

There are legimately viable ways of preserving freedom on the Web while taking the platform forward and keeping it competitive against proprietary alternatives from tech giants.

Reposted Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break – Jennifer, Mara, Astrid & Aniyia – Medium

Magical thinking drives the startup economy — but we need a strong dose of reality.

Reposted the niche market (midi fighter 64 mashup)

Absolutely spotless MF64 set from Underscores


Cole Wilson shredding into the weekend on the Catch Surf X Happy Hour Beater.

Reposted Super 8mm Surf Film w/ Stephanie Schechter

See BTS and info on the Underwater Housing here: Buy Tri-X 8mm Film here: Stephanie's Instagram: https://...

Reposted The Future

This short is a comically cynical vision of a future where the water is gone, all that’s left is dust and desperation. The Future is currently being screened…

Reposted Could Open-Source Code Make Our Y2K Fears Finally Come True?

It could break the internet and the economy.

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OH: "Geocities? I don't really know what that is. I just know that old people used it." 😭😭😭

Reposted Trump Administration Quietly Rolls Back Civil Rights Efforts Across Federal Government

Previously unannounced directives will limit the Department of Justice’s use of a storied civil rights enforcement tool, and loosen the Department of Education’s requirements on investigations.

Reposted Oats Studios - Volume 1 - Rakka

Rakka is the first short film from Oats Studios.