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I love Dillinger, too. If you want to fire up a Dillinger (or more than one) you can use Sandstorm - see for a quick intro.

I support workers' rights in the gig economy! Working Washington is helping to secure rights for the huge and growing sector of workers. Add your signature and fill out their survey here:

Starting in 2011, many national parks and monuments voluntarily banned sales of single-use bottled water. The results were amazing - 112,000 pounds of plastic saved. The department filed a report of the huge success in May and publicly released it last week. Why did Trump just rescind the ban? Maybe the $580,000 dollars of lobbying from the International Bottled Water Association had something to do with it. The most shocking part of this story: there's a thing called the International Bottled Water Association.

Finally a crowd-sourced incubator | Incubator Co-op

@IndieWebSummit Hey, guys! I won't be able to make it to Portland and will try to join remotely. I'd like to hand over my ticket, if you can. Thanks!

Yes: Heading to the IndieWeb summit in Portland this weekend. See you guys there!

Homebrew Website Club Seattle Wrap-up

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Homebrew Website Club Seattle 2017/04/19

A small, but successful Homebrew Website Club for Seattle.  I worked on some copy for the Northwest Wind & Surf site and Jovie worked on her performer website:

I also wrote up some ideas for a worker-owned technology co-operative to pitch some friends in Seattle.  I think there's an opportunity here in Seattle to support social good and community with great web developers.  I'd like to get connected to more people in the co-op community.  We could also work on building platform co-ops to benefit workers and the community instead of hoarding it in Silicon Valley.

Hope to see more people at the next HWC in two weeks!